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My name is Mason Matchinski, and I am currently a graduate student at Michigan Technological University. I began attending Michigan Tech in 2016 as an undergrad studying computer engineering. I graduated in May of 2020 with my computer engineering degree and a 3.36 GPA. I decided to take advantage of Michigan Tech's accelerated masters program, and I will be graduating with my MBA in May of 2021. I chose to pursue an MBA because I have a strong interest in business, leadership, and economics, and I hope that it will be able to open doors for me later on in my professional career.

I am currently looking to develop my professional software engineering skills. I have worked on a variety of personal and academic projects in numerous languages. Some of these projects include climate studies, cryptocurrency traders, GUIs, stock screeners, and machine learning using genetic algorithms. I don't have a singular goal or drive with what I choose to work on. I am looking for a job that exposes me to a wide variety of projects and learning opportunities.

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My Projects

Find My Climate

Find My Climate is a project that aims to pair up users with their preferred climate conditions. A user can adjust a number of sliders that filter various geographical and meteorological conditions including record temperatures, elevation, and precipitation. This project is currently being refactored.

Cryptocurrency Trader

With crypto markets open 24/7, I thought it would be a fun challenge to see if I could create a program that could generate a profit consistently. I use a risk minimized version of a martingale betting strategy to lower my average buy in price. This project is functional but not currently in use.

Quizzing GUI

My brother is a bird watcher and was looking for a way to memorize a large number of images quickly. Though Quizlet exists I thought it would be a good learning experience to make a more customizeable version and to learn how to make a GUI in python. This project is functional and needs minor adjustments.

My Skills

My creative skills & experiences.

The first programming language I learned was Java which is taught in introductory computer science classes at Michigan Tech. The classes then switched to teaching C, Verilog, and various assembly languages to provide the tools needed to begin doing low level embedded systems programming. Though I have a lot of experince in this area I naturally drifted in the opposite direction. I taught myself Python and the web development trio of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Python is now my preferred language and the one that I excel at the most. A majority of my python experience comes from my work with equity and cryptocurrency data analysis.

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Python 90%
JavaScript 80%
Java 70%
C 60%

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I am currently looking for a job in software engineering, web development, or business analytics. Please feel free to send me a message about the website, projects, or if you think I might be potential good fit for your company.

Mason Matchinski